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Honeywell Replacement Filter Products for Clearwater, Naples, Tampa, & Other U.S. Cities

Holt Filters can assist you with all of your Honeywell replacement filter needs. We carry the Glasfloss Z-line series of filters, which are compatible with not only Honeywell units, but also Space-Gard and Trion air conditioners. These filters are made to perform as well or better than replacements from the manufacturer and they’ll provide you with a long service life as well. Z-line filters are rigidly constructed and backed with galvanized steel mesh to prevent sagging. They’re equipped with 100% synthetic media that is resistant to microbe and bacteria formation and their radial design ensures proper dust loading. All of these features support maximum filtering efficiency that ultimately leads to cleaner air.

Available in both MERV 8 and MERV 11 options, here are a few of the most popular Z-line products we carry:

  •  Z-Line 700 SG filter replacement: for Aprilaire (formerly Space-Gard ) media #201 filters
  • Z-Line 500 AB and 300 AB filters: for Trion Air Bear and Air Cub filters
  • Z-Line 400 HW: for Honeywell F-100 cartridge filters
  • The Z-Line 400 HWR: for the Honeywell FC40R cartridge filters

For a complete description of Glasfloss Z-line filters, click here.

If you’d like more information about these filters or more specifically, a Honeywell replacement filter, contact us today. We serve customers nationwide from Tampa to Seattle and Boston to Los Angeles.

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